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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): The Tapping Solution

by Lane Gormley, LPC

The following is a synopsis of a healing technique that I learned in a class with Jondi Whitis, AAMET Master Trainer of Trainers.  Her website is www.eft4results.com.

EFT (often called “Tapping”)

Some of my Clients report that they cannot stop ruminating. They go over and over a problem in their brains continually and never reach a comfortable outcome that will satisfy them and allow them to sleep through the night.  Others report that they are run ragged by emotions that they cannot think through.  Still others feel divorced from their bodies and the amazing wisdom they contain.  By bringing different aspects of ourselves to a problem or situation, we can better process the major discomfort “out” of our system.

As I understand it, EFT can allow a person to align brain, physical body, and emotions to process various types of discomfort ranging from depression and anxiety to runaway emotions to phobias to physical pain.  It is also said to be of help in many non-clinical endeavors such as sports performance and public speaking.

Just Do This

  1. Create a brief Balancing Statement about the problem you are having. Example: “Even though I am very worried about giving a speech tomorrow, I accept my feelings as being understandable.”  The statement must be about you and not about someone else, although you can process your own feelings about others. Ideally, it should also be true.  Don’t say you accept your feelings as understandable if you do not.  Perhaps you could say, instead, “…this is just how I feel right now.”
  2. Rate the problem in terms of its intensity, or effect on you, on a scale of 0 to 10.
  3. Tap on the “Karate Chop” side of one of your hands while making your statement as clear as you can, changing it in any way you like. Mention the Intensity Rating you have given it.  Even though I am worried/fearful/anxious about the speech tomorrow and it’s about a 6 in intensity, this is just how I’m feeling right now.  Continuing to tap on the Karate Chop side of your hand, repeat the Balancing Statement about three times, including the intensity rating you feel after each time.  The intensity rating might go up at first and then, maybe, start to lower.
  4. Now, tap on each of the acupoints (acupressure/acupuncture points) six or eight times while referring to the issue: …this fear, this uncomfortable fear that is at a 6, this fear of the speech tomorrow…  After cycling through the acupoints, stop and take a deep breath.  Check in with yourself and see if the fear might be at a lesser level.  Go through this cycle two or three times.  Give yourself a chance to see that you can calm and help yourself.

Save Anything That Comes Up

During tapping, other issues may emerge (i.e., while tapping, the fear of the speech may be revealed or clarified to be fear of not being perfect, fear of colleagues, fear of people, or fear of life itself.  Or maybe it’s just nervous tension or fatigue.  Write down any ideas or feelings that come up, and you can tap about them later.  Tapping can be a goldmine of information about you.

Questions?  Come see me!!!




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  64. Hopefully in the future we can refine this model, maybe even with a statistical model where we can just put all of these factors together and come up with a decision, or at least present to the patient what will be the benefit and what will be the risk of extending versus stopping clomid success rate Guys who have a build like Arnold won t gain any strength from this stuff

  65. Be careful and be sure to specify the information on the section Contraindications in the instructions to the drug Tamoxifen Mylan directly from the package or from the pharmacist at the pharmacy buy stromectol pills online Increases in pregnancy rates were observed in both individual studies and meta analyses, however, the higher pregnancy rates with Femara were not statistically significant

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  69. furosemide lasix side effects HER2 overexpressing xenograft models in athymic mice were used to test the efficacy of anti HER2 antibodies, develop dose response relationships, measure drug interactions between trastuzumab and chemotherapy, and optimize dosing schedules of chemotherapeutics combined with trastuzumab

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  71. how does lasix cause renal failure It was designed as a population based study to determine the prevalence of CHP containing dang qui CHP dang qui use among tamoxifen treated BC survivors between January 1, 1998, and December 31, 2008 and to investigate the association between having been prescribed CHP dang qui and the occurrence of subsequent endometrial cancer in Taiwan

  72. Whether any of the aforementioned miRNAs was responsible for the obesity phenotype observed in our cKO mice is difficult to assess as deletion of Dicer affects virtually all miRNAs cost of lasix 2397 Pelican Bay Services Division Advisor Page 21 Pelican Bay Post, Mid March 2006 1

  73. ivermectin tablets for humans BSE is performed by the woman herself and involves examination of the breast, skin, and axillae based on the palpations by her hands The woman should examine the look and feel of her breasts as well as any signs, symptoms, or changes to the breasts BSE is recommended so that women understand their breasts for detecting any suspicious changes over time Initially, BSE should be performed very frequently and regularly so that a woman understands the physiological changes that occur during the different phases of menstrual cycle and then continue monthly around 7 th or 8 th day of cycle

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  75. A systematic search was performed in PubMed, Web of Knowledge and Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure CNKI up to April 2020 to identify relevant studies ivermectin scabies viagra doxazosin mesylate bcs class All 18 cases so far before the ICC, which is based in Europe and largely funded by rich western countries, are against Africans and the court has been criticized, particularly in Africa, of neo colonial meddling

  76. Sound Science A Hybrid Approach to Ousting Esophageal Tumors buy doxycycline 30 pills 15 18 Most of these methods have been associated with a reduction in cardiovascular events in anthracycline treated patients; however, except for the use of epirubicin, most of these strategies are not in common practice in the clinical setting

  77. Meggiorini and colleagues 12 evaluated qualitative and semiquantitative density from six mammograms in breast cancer patients and reported that density declined after the first year and that variations were stable throughout follow up; however, data related to later time points were not presented stromectol over the counter for humans Patients 2, 3, and 7 were on concurrent prednisone

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  83. Among trans fraction fr 1 and fr 2 and cis fr 3 and fr 4 isoforms of TAM DNA adducts, a trans form fr 1 was removed much more slowly than other adducts, indicating that the repair rate of TAM DNA adducts varied depending on the structure of isoforms clomid The cDNA was synthesized from 500 ng of purified RNA using a PrimeScript RT reagent kit TaKaRa Bio, Inc

  84. Kaplan Meier relapse free survival of 54 UCSF node negative, ER positive breast cancer cases by age cohort 70, 45 years and with outcomes dichotomized for tumor expression high, low of the NFОєB and AP 1 regulated genes cyclin D1, uPA, and VEGF lasix water pill rythmol tramontina allegra review Following a public outcry over the Delhi attack, India introduced tougher rape laws in March, which include the death penalty for repeat offenders and for those whose victims were left in a vegetative state

  85. Tobias began working as an executive with PBS, where she developed and produced programming not only for PBS but also joint projects with ABC and Discovery doxycycline for chlamydia 0 ng ml, transrectal ultrasound guided biopsies of the prostate are recommended and the patient should be referred to a urologist for further clinical examination

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  87. Thirty six patients were evaluable for tumor response and treatment related toxicities clomid vs hcg 119 Variegate porphyria and the hyperadrenergic state associated with pheochromocytoma may also cause tremor, as can striatal injury in the setting of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

  88. medication ivermectin 3mg Though the inhalation method provides the most realistic simulation to real life exposure, instillation is more effective and time saving method, and GFNs was found that causing longer inflammation period using instillation intratracheal instillation, intrapleural installation and pharyngeal aspiration than inhalation 24, 30, 47, 48

  89. Clark JT, Smith ER, Davidson JM stromectol uses A24a, Prefrontal area 24a; A24b, prefrontal area 24b; A30, prefrontal area 30; Cl, claustrum; LO, lateral orbitofrontal; Cent, caudomedial entorhinal cortex; DLMent, dorsolateral medial entorhinal cortex; M2, secondary motor cortex; Pir, piriform cortex; Prh, perirhinal cortex; V1M, medial primary visual cortex; V2ML, mediolateral secondary visual cortex; STr, subiculum transition area; BF, basal forebrain

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