Life After Death Group

Life After Death is a support group for men and women who have been struggling with the loss of a loved one (e.g, parent, child, significant other/partner, grandparents/child, friends, colleagues, etc.). Losing a loved one can feel like you have lost a part of yourself. For some it may feel as though you have died right along with them. Grieving is a process unique to each of us. It does not fit one shape, one face, or one timeline. It may not be as obvious as a physical injury, nor can its symptoms be treated with over the counter medication. But you have experienced a trauma that requires a healthy healing process. With a group experience you will not have to take that journey alone.

Life after Death Therapy - Ray of Hope Counseling Services Inc.

In this group you will begin to:

  • Identify the destination for your grief journey (e.g, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, productivity, etc.).
  • Manage your emotions more effectively.
  • Better manage daily responsibilities.
  • Express yourself without judgment.
  • Receive support, empathy, and encouragement from others.
  • Offer support, empathy, and encouragement to others.
  • Define and shape your new life after this loss.
  • Better manage the symptoms affiliated with your grief (i.e, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

Life After Death is a closed group that will cap off once it’s reached capacity, but consideration will be given for the opening of a second simultaneous group. In order to participate you will need to complete an intake interview with the facilitating therapist prior to your first group meeting. This will be your opportunity to identify your needs and concerns while learning more about what to expect from your group experience.

Life After Death Group

Men and women 19+.


Currently Enrolling

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$40.00 per session.

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